Welcome to our FAQ Page!

Important Reminders
  • The best way to contact us is via email at fullyfitmeals@gmail.com
  • We deliver MONDAYS anytime from 4PM - 9PM for your convenience

  • Please leave ice chests out on delivery day/night before to ensure meals stay happy & cold

  • We ask that you use your home address since we deliver in the evening


1. When are my meals delivered? 

Monday from 4PM - 9PM. Specific times cannot be guaranteed. 

2. Where are my meals delivered? 

We deliver meals directly to your home! 

Please do not use your work address, as our deliveries are usually after working hours. 

We kindly request that you leave an ice chest outside for us to safely and effectively provide your meals to you.


3. What are the prices of the meals?

$8.50 per meal

$10 double protein meals 

$440 standard monthly subscription (60 meals)

Be on the lookout for our weekly specials and discounts!


   4. What does the monthly subscription include? 

The standard is 15 meals/ week for 4 consecutive weeks.

This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days/week. 

Need more or less than 15 meals a week? Email us at fullyfitmeals@gmail.com

 and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


5. How do I order?

Ordering is easy!

Click the ORDER ONLINE tab, add meals to your cart & checkout online!

If ever there is a discount, it will be applied at checkout. 


6. How many calories are in each meal? 

Meals range from 300-450 calories & you can get double protein meals for $1.50 extra.

Macros are also listed on each meal

(except the added protein for double protein meals),

and also in each menu item description. 


       7. Can I choose my meals with the Standard Subscription? 

No, but please email us if you require a substitution due to

diet/health restrictions and we will accommodate you if possible. 


        9. Do I have to get a monthly subscription? 

No. You can get a la carte meals on the website, or get a monthly subscription!

It depends on your lifestyle!

We do recommend a monthly subscription to lock you in on your goals and achieve better results!


        10. Can I get more than/less than 3 meals/day with a subscription? 

Yes! Email us & we'd love to chat about how we can better serve you! 


         11. Who created Fully Fit Meals? 

All meals are prepared by Chef Amanda Vinet.

Check her out on Instagram @heyamandavinet.  


12. If there is something wrong/ I have a complaint with a meal what do I do? 

Know that we do our best to make each and every individual customer happy.

We will go the extra mile for you because your health and happiness is important to us!

Please email us at fullyfitmeals@gmail.com. We will accommodate you to the best of our ability! 


Understand that we value your opinion and are happy to help with any questions you have. If your question is not posted, please email us  your question (fullyfitmeals@gmail.com) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 




Thanks for letting us feed your healthy lifestyle!